High Septon (Aegon's Conquest)

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Star of the Faith.svgHigh SeptonStar of the Faith.svg
The High Septon as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Allegiance Faith of the Seven
Culture Westeros
Died 11 AC

The High Septon during Aegon's Conquest was a High Septon of the Faith of the Seven. The name he was born with is unknown.


When news of the landing of Aegon and his sisters on Westerosi soil reached Oldtown, the High Septon locked himself away within the Starry Sept in Oldtown and fasted and prayed for seven days and nights, seeking guidance from the gods.[2] He took no nourishment but bread and water during his fast. When he emerged he announced that the Faith would not have them oppose the Targaryens, because the Crone had shown him that to do so would mean the destruction of Oldtown in dragonflame.[3][4]

Lord Manfred Hightower, a pious man, heeded the High Septon's prophecy and kept his forces at Oldtown. When Aegon marched south towards Oldtown, Manfred opened his gates and submitted to Aegon's authority. The High Septon anointed Aegon with the seven oils and crowned him as King Aegon I at the Starry Sept three days after his arrival.[3][4][5] These acts displeased many among the Most Devout, who had previously expected the High Septon to speak out against the Targaryens.[1]

He held the position of High Septon until his death in 11 AC.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

The new High Septon mentions this High Septon to Queen Regent Cersei Lannister during their meeting in the Great Sept of Baelor. He tells her that Lord Manfred Hightower heeded the High Septon's prophecy. He informs her that he must go pray and fast as the High Septon had done three hundred years ago. When Cersei asks him if it will be for seven days and seven nights he replies that is will be for as long as need be.[3]


I must do as he did, three hundred years ago. I must pray, and fast.[3]


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Last known title holder:
High Septon
Father of the Faithful
His High Holiness
Shepherd of the Faithful
Voice of the Seven on Earth

?–11 AC
Next known title holder:
During the reign of Aegon I