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Major port city
The Vale of Arryn and the location of Gulltown
The Vale of Arryn and the location of Gulltown
The Vale of Arryn and the location of Gulltown
Location Vale of Arryn, Westeros
Government House Grafton, Feudal society
Religion Faith of the Seven
Notable places Motherhouse of Maris, Gull Tower

Gulltown is the major port city of the Vale of Arryn. It is located in a fine natural harbor[1] at the northern tip of the Bay of Crabs, southeast of the Eyrie and south of nearby Runestone. It is the largest settlement in the Vale, but is much smaller than King's Landing, Lannisport, and Oldtown.[2]

Gulltown is ruled by House Grafton and also contains a cadet branch of the Vale's rulers, House Arryn of Gulltown.[3] According to semi-canon sources, there are branches of House Shett in or near the city.[4][5] The demonym used for its inhabitants is "Gulltowner".[1][5]


Gulltown is a walled city.[6] According to a semi-canon source, Gull Tower is at Gulltown.[7] The Motherhouse of Maris is located on a stony island in the city's harbor.[8]


Gulltown is an important port and portal to the Vale, its sheltered harbor offering anchorage to ships traveling from King's Landing to Braavos or the north. Its strategic location means it never lacks for trade in many of the exotic goods making their way from across the narrow sea, keeping the Vale supplied even when the passes of the Mountains of the Moon are closed in winter. Gulltown has fine seamstresses.[3]

An old song begins with the lyrics off to Gulltown.[9][10]


First Men and Andals

Prior to the coming of the Andals, Gulltown was a wealthy harbor town of the First Men ruled by House Shett. Because he was threatened by King Yorwyck VI Royce of Runestone, King Osgood III Shett allied with the Andal knight Gerold Grafton. Osgood was killed in battle, however, and House Grafton replaced House Shett as the kings of Gulltown. Although a First Men rebellion had to be bloodily suppressed, Gulltown grew into the Vale's only city.[1]

The sister of King Robar II Royce later convinced the Shetts to rebel against the Graftons, allowing Robar's men to storm the city. Like most of the Vale, however, Gulltown submitted to Artys I Arryn, King of Mountain and Vale, after the Battle of the Seven Stars. The Arryns and Graftons developed Gulltown into one of the greatest cities of Westeros.[1]

During the War Across the Water, the Starks burned hundreds of Vale ships after Gulltown's stone walls resisted the northmen's attempt at conquest.[1]

Targaryen Era

Gulltown's harbor was the site of a naval battle between the Targaryen and Arryn fleets during Aegon's Conquest, a draw which delayed the submission of the Vale to King Aegon I Targaryen.[11] The new king visited Gulltown during his royal progresss.[12] The city grew during the king's reign.[13]

Gulltown had a chapter of the Warrior's Sons during the Faith Militant uprising.[14] When King Jaehaerys I Targaryen visited the city in 52 AC, Queen Alysanne Targaryen held a women's court.[15] Alys Turnberry gave birth to her child at the Motherhouse of Maris.[16]

During the Dance of the Dragons, Jacaerys Velaryon gained the Vale for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and the blacks. The Maiden of the Vale, Jeyne Arryn, assembled forces at Gulltown and the Gates of the Moon. Jacaerys sent Joffrey Velaryon and Rhaena Targaryen to Gulltown for their safekeeping, although Joffrey was told he was to defend the Vale from King Aegon II Targaryen. After the fall of King's Landing, Joffrey sailed with a fleet from Gulltown to the capital.[17] After Rhaenyra's death, Jeyne sent ten thousand men under the leadership of Lord Leowyn Corbray and Ser Corwyn Corbray from Gulltown on Braavosi ships against King Aegon II Targaryen.[18]

Ser Tyland Lannister, the Hand of the King to Aegon III Targaryen, ordered the construction of a fortified granary at Gulltown.[19] Trade withered in the city during the Daughters' War, and Gulltown suffered from Winter Fever in 133 AC.[19] Lady Jeyne died at the Motherhouse of Maris in 134 AC. Isembard Arryn of the Gulltown Arryns opposed her preferred heir, Ser Joffrey Arryn. Lord Thaddeus Rowan sent a thousand men with Corwyn to settle the issue, and Alyn Velaryon and Moredo Rogare lost hundreds of men during the capture of Gulltown and its harbor.[8] Gulltown prospered during the Lysene Spring.[8]

During Robert's Rebellion, Lord Grafton tried to prevent Lord Robert Baratheon from sailing to Storm's End. The rebels led by Lord Jon Arryn[6] overcame the royalists, and Marq was slain by Robert beneath the city walls in the taking of Gulltown.[6] Lyn Corbray fought beside Marq at Gulltown and later fought under Jon Arryn at the Battle of the Trident.[20]

Baratheon Era

For a few years between 283 AC and 298 AC, Petyr Baelish was in charge of customs at the port of Gulltown. He increased the income tenfold.[21]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After the trial by battle of Tyrion Lannister at the Eyrie, Lady Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik Cassel sail from Gulltown[22] to White Harbor.[23]

A Clash of Kings

Conwy brings men from a lord's dungeon near Gulltown to Castle Black as recruits for the Night's Watch.[24]

Ser Davos Seaworth is sent by Stannis Baratheon with a chest of letters to spread word of King Joffrey I Baratheon's illegitimacy. His route is to sail to Gulltown and other harbors along the narrow sea.[25]

After speaking with Tyrion, Lord Petyr Baelish sails from King's Landing to Gulltown on his mission to sway Lady Lysa Arryn to Joffrey's cause.[26]

A Storm of Swords

Robb Stark, King in the North, asks permission to return to the north by passing the Bloody Gate and then sailing from Gulltown for White Harbor. His fearful aunt, Lysa, declines, however.[27]

When Sansa Stark takes on the identity of Alayne Stone, Petyr creates the backstory that Alayne is the daughter of a Braavosi woman whom he met while administering Gulltown's port years ago.[21]

A Feast for Crows

Arya Stark spots trading ships from Gulltown, including Brazen Monkey at Ragman's Harbor in Braavos. Luco Prestayn's Lady Bright sails from Braavos for Gulltown, Duskendale, King's Landing, and Tyrosh.[28] The master of Gulltown Girl at Maidenpool refuses to transport Brienne of Tarth from the town.[29] Seastrider sails from Maidenpool for Gulltown, the Fingers, Sisterton, and White Harbor.[29]

Lord Lyonel Corbray marries the daughter of a rich Gulltown merchant.[3] Merling King returns to Gulltown from Braavos.[3]


I am well loved in Gulltown, and have some lordly friends of mine own as well.[20]

Crew: War? What war? There is no war.
Other crew: Not in Gulltown. Not in the Vale. The little lord's kept us out of it, same as his mother did.[30]


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