Ny Sar

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Ny Sar
City ruins
Ny Sar.jpg
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Location Essos, on the Rhoyne river.
Destroyed ~ 700 BC, following the Second Spice War.
Ny Sar is located in Free Cities
Ny Sar
Western Essos and the location of Ny Sar

Ny Sar is a ruined city in Essos at the confluence of the Rhoyne and the Noyne rivers.[1] It contained the palace of Princess Nymeria but was destroyed by the Valyrian Freehold.[2]


Maester Yandel describes Ny Sar as a "city of fountains, alive with song".[3]

Garris the Grey, Prince of Ny Sar, expelled hairy men who lived where the city of Norvos would later develop. Garris's Rhoynar did not remain in the area, however.[4]

Prince Garin of Chroyane led a combined host of the Rhoynar, but they were defeated by the Volantenes and their Valyrian kin at Volantis during the Second Spice War. Princess Nymeria of Ny Sar, fearing the enslavement of the people of her own city, gathered every ship that remained upon the Rhoyne and filled them full of as many women and children as they could carry. Nymeria led these ten thousand ships down the Rhoyne past Sarhoy and into the Summer Sea, eventually arriving in Dorne.[3]

The ruins of Nymeria's palace are all that remains, a colossal palace of pink and green marble, its collapsed domes and broken spires looming large above a row of covered archways.[2] The Noyne as far south as Ny Sar is now patrolled by galleys from Norvos.[4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Griff, Young Griff, and their company pass Ny Sar on their way to Volantis. Tyrion Lannister sees the ruins on the eastern bank of the Rhoyne: "crooked walls and fallen towers, broken domes and rows of rotted wooden pillars, streets choked by mud and overgrown with purple moss."[2] According to Tyrion, the city is ten times as large as Ghoyan Drohe. Tyrion notices big bonesnapper turtles basking in the sun. Shortly thereafter a horned turtle of enormous size appears not six yards from the Shy Maid. Ysilla exclaims they are blessed for having seen the creature, while Yandry says it is the Old Man of the River.[2]


This is the Ny Sar, where the Mother gathers in her Wild Daughter, Noyne.[2]


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