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Marble is a type of stone, commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.


Marble is found in the Vale of Arryn, and on the mountainous island of Tarth.[1] Marble may come in many different colors, including: white,[2] white veined with blue,[3] white veined with gold,[4] black,[5] green,[6] pink,[7] red,[8] and purple.[9]



The floors and pillars of Whitewalls were crafted from white marble veined with gold.[4]

Though the Eyrie is the smallest of the seats of the Great Houses, it has more marble on its walls and upon its floors than any other castle in Westeros.[1] The Eyrie's seven towers are made of white marble.[10] The floors and walls of its High Hall are made of milk-white marble veined with blue.[3][11] The Eyrie's garden contains a statue of Alyssa Arryn, carved in veined white marble.[2]

The walls of the Great Sept of Baelor and the plaza outside are made of polished[12] white marble,[13][14] as is the statue of Baelor the Beloved.[15] The altar of the Warrior within the sept is made of red marble.[15]

The walls of the Starry Sept are made of black marble,[16][17] and its wide plaza outside is also made of marble.[18]

The small council chamber door in the Red Keep is flanked by a pair of Valyrian sphinxes, with eyes of polished garnets smoldering in black marble faces.[5][19]

The walls and floor of the Guildhall of the Alchemists in King's Landing are made of polished black marble.[20]

Highgarden has marble colonnades.[21]

The bear pit of Harrenhal is encircled by six tiers of marble benches.[22]

The Citadel's main gate is flanked by green marble sphinxes.[16]

Pale pink marble paves the gardens and courtyard of the Water Gardens.[7]

Two marble mermen flank the Merman's Court in White Harbor.[23]


The halls of the city of Ar Noy are made of green marble.[6]

The halls of the Great Pyramid of Ghis were made of red marble,[8] whereas its modern counterpart, the Great Pyramid of Meereen, has purple marble floors and halls.[9][24][25][26]

In Braavos, some courtesans have even been immortalized in bronze or marble statues.[27] The largest temple in the city, the Temple of the Moonsingers, is built with snow-white marble, and a pair of marble maidens flank its gates.[12]

Bronze and marble statues of the gods worshipped by the Tall Men were found in the streets and temples of the Kingdom of Sarnor.[28]

The innermost wall of the city of Qarth is fifty feet tall and made of black marble.[29] The statues of heroes of the city stand atop columns of green and white marble.[29] The manse of Xaro Xhoan Daxos has a marble bathing pool, as well as green marble floors.[29] The floors of the Hall of a Thousand Thrones are made of marble.[30]

The ruined city of Velos was known for its palaces of cedar and pink marble.[31]


King Roland I Arryn ordered the construction of the Eyrie to be the new main seat of House Arryn, but since he did not like the look of the marble from the Vale of Arryn, he imported it from Tarth. This forced the construction to be painfully slow, intermittent over generations, as the cost was prohibitive as well as requiring much time and effort to carry the marble up the Giant's Lance.[1]

At the end of the Century of Blood, the Elephants rose to power in Volantis. Their supporters knocked the heads off the statues of Tigers they blamed for the military defeats, including Triarch Horonno's in Selhorys.[32]

King Aerys II Targaryen once proposed to build a new "white city", made entirely of marble, on the south bank of the Blackwater Rush.[33]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Upon first arriving in the House of Black and White, Arya Stark observes a 12 feet tall marble statue of the Weeping Lady of Lys.[12]

During her imprisonment in the Spear Tower, Princess Arianne Martell is given a privy with a marble seat.[34]

A Dance with Dragons

During his stay at Illyrio's manse, Tyrion Lannister spots a marble pool with a life-like marble statue of a naked youth in its center.[35] During his journey, Tyrion also sees the ruins of Nymeria's pink and green marble palace in Ny Sar.[36]

In White Harbor, Ser Davos Seaworth climbs the Castle Stair, which is lit by bowls of burning whale oil cradled in the arms of marble mermaids.[37]

On the orders of Prince Doran Martell, Maester Caleotte places the Mountain's skull on a pedestal made of black marble, for all to see.[38]

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