A Dance with Dragons-Chapter 59

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The Discarded Knight
A Dance with Dragons chapter
POV Barristan Selmy
Place Meereen
Page 783 UK HC (Other versions)
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The Queensguard
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The Kingbreaker


Admiral Groleo's severed head - by Marc Fishman ©

Ser Barristan attends Hizdahr zo Loraq's court under the unease that Daenerys Targaryen's absence brings.

The Brazen Beasts now have a new commander - the king's cousin, Marghaz zo Loraq. Reznak mo Reznak keeps a strong voice in court, counseling the new King.

Harghaz is now acclaimed as a hero after his fight against Drogon.[1]

Ser Barristan notices the presence of Quentyn Martell and his two Dornish companions at court, remembering his former companionship to Prince Lewyn Martell, his Kingsguard colleague and also Quentyn's uncle. He considers the possibility that the poisoned locusts that Strong Belwas ate might have been meant for Hizdhar, as part of a plot to direct Daenerys into marrying Quentyn, given that another of the prince's uncles was notorious for poisoning those who got in his way.

Before he makes up his mind on the matter, three Wise Masters envoys from Yunkai arrive, along with their sellsword Bloodbeard, to talk with Hizdahr. They show Admiral Groleo's severed head as a gesture of intimidation, claiming his death as payback for the death of Yurkhaz zo Yunzak, who was trampled to death during the panic when Drogon attacked the Fighting pits.[1]

Ser Barristan reminds King Hizdahr that Yurkhaz's death was accidental, while the Yunkai representatives free three of the six remaining hostages. They demand that the dragons be destroyed as a condition for the release of the last three hostages. Barristan is also suspicious of Hizdahr's lack of reaction, given that all three of the Westerosi kings he served under- Aerys, Robert and even the supposedly weak Jaehaerys- would have responded to such an insult by ordering every member of the Yunkish delegation killed; he also believe Bloodbeard is trying to start violence in order to get the plunder the peace has denied him.

As the court is ended for further deliberation of the King's council, Ser Barristan decides to counsel the Dornishmen. Despite appearing weak, the King has taken notice of Quentyn, and Ser Barristan considers it dangerous for them to remain in Meereen. He advises them to return immediately to Dorne, going so far as offering the coin for the trip, and reveals that there was an attempt at poisoning either Daenerys or her consort during the fighting pits reopening.[1] Quentyn's shocked reaction reassures Ser Barristan that the Dornishmen had no part in the poisoning, but he still counsels Quentyn and his companions to leave Meereen and return to Dorne, for he considers his prospects of marriage unpromissing and his situation dangerous.

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