Roland I Arryn

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Roland I Arryn
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Biographical Information
Full Name Roland, First of His Name
Other Titles King of Mountain and Vale
Died in , at the Vale
Culture Andal
Royal House House Arryn
Queen Teora Hunter
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Roland I Arryn was the fourth King of Mountain and Vale from House Arryn. He is noted for ordering construction of the Eyrie.[1]


The grandson of King Artys I, Roland fostered with an Andal king in the riverlands as a boy. He traveled far and wide after becoming a knight, including visits to the Hightower, Casterly Rock, and the castles of the Trident.[1]

Returning to the Vale to don the Falcon Crown, Roland felt that the Gates of the Moon, the seat of his house, was ugly compared to the grander castles of the First Men. He initially wanted to tear down the Gates of the Moon and rebuild it, but was reminded of the site's vulnerability after thousands of wildlings descended from the Mountains of the Moon in search of food during winter.[1]

Legends say Roland's future wife, Teora Hunter, reminded him how his grandsire Artys had defeated Robar II Royce, by attacking from high ground during the Battle of Seven Stars. Roland began the slow development of the Eyrie and its approaches atop the highest ground possible, the Giant's Lance. The king preferred marble from Tarth instead of the Vale.[1]

After a twenty-six year reign, Roland was killed in a surprise attack by Painted Dogs, who pulled him from his horse and crushed his head with a stone maul before he could draw his longsword. Roland I had lived long enough to see the first stones laid for the castle he envisioned, and he was succeeded by his son.[1]


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