Teora Hunter

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House Hunter.svg Queen
Teora Hunter
House Arryn.svg
Title Queen
Father Lord Hunter
Spouse King Roland I Arryn
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Teora Hunter was a lady of House Hunter who became the queen consort of Roland I Arryn, King of Mountain and Vale.[1]


According to legend, Teora reminded her future husband of how his grandfather, Artys I Arryn, the first King of Mountain and Vale, had defeated Robar II Royce, High King of the Vale, by attacking from the high ground in the Battle of the Seven Stars. Thanks to Teora's words, King Roland I Arryn decreed that the Eyrie should be built on the Giant's Lance high above the Gates of the Moon.[1]


Unknown Queen consort of the kingdom of Mountain and Vale Unknown
Next known title holder:
Arwen Upcliff