Mountains of the Moon

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The Vale and the location of the Mountains of the Moon
The Vale and the location of the Mountains of the Moon
Mountains of the Moon
The Vale and the location of the Mountains of the Moon

The Mountains of the Moon are a series of mountains ruled by House Arryn of the Vale. The mountains border the riverlands to the west, the Bite to the north, and the Bay of Crabs to the south, and they surround the Vale proper.


The mountains have snow-capped[1] grey-green peaks.[2] Rock slides are common and its foothills are rocky, high and wild. The high road from the inn at the crossroads passes through the mountains, which are inhabited by mountain clans who reject the authority of the Arryns.[3] The Bloody Gate guards the high road from the Mountains of the Moon to the Vale of Arryn.


A hidden pass in the Vale - by Tysen Johnson © Fantasy Flight Games
House Targaryen loyalists traveling through the mountains of the Vale - by Tomasz Jedruszek © Fantasy Flight Games

During the Andal invasion of the Vale, some of the defeated First Men who refused to submit to House Arryn fled into the Mountains of the Moon, becoming the mountain clans.[2] Wild tribes have sometimes raided the riverlands from the mountains.[4] Etchings of stars and axes by the victorious Andals can also be found in some parts of the mountains.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After abducting Tyrion Lannister at the crossroads inn, Catelyn Stark brings him to the Eyrie by taking the high road through the Mountains of the Moon.[1][6]

A Storm of Swords

Travel through the mountains is near impossible because of snowfall and raiding by the Vale mountain clans.[7]


Shadowcats prowled those passes, rock slides were common, and the mountain clans were lawless brigands, descending from the heights to rob and kill and melting away like snow whenever the knights rode out from the Vale in search of them. Even Jon Arryn, as great a lord as any the Eyrie had ever known, had always traveled in strength when he crossed the mountains.[3]

- thoughts of Catelyn Stark


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