Vale of Arryn (valley)

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The Vale of Arryn and the location of the Vale proper
The Vale of Arryn and the location of the Vale proper
Vale of Arryn
The Vale of Arryn and the location of the Vale proper[1]
House Baratheon loyalists traveling through the Vale - by Tomasz Jedruszek © Fantasy Flight Games
An encampment in the Vale of Arryn - by Cristina Vela. © Fantasy Flight Games

The Vale of Arryn is a fertile valley bordered by the Mountains of the Moon in eastern Westeros.[2][3] The valley gives its name to the larger realm ruled by House Arryn, commonly called the Vale of Arryn, which includes the Mountains of the Moon, the Fingers, and islands in the Bite and the narrow sea.[4]


The Vale proper is accessible by the high road, which passes through the formidable Mountains of the Moon, and the Bloody Gate.[5][6] The Vale proper is a tranquil land of wide rivers, and hundreds of lakes. Wheat, corn, barley, pumpkins, and fruit grow in its fertile soil.[6]

The Vale is narrow at its western end near the Bloody Gate, no more than half a day's ride across, and the mountains tower above. The Gates of the Moon and the Eyrie are located in the west of the valley.[6]

The Vale proper is bounded by a series of mountains which stretch northeast to the narrow sea and southeast to the Bay of Crabs. Longbow Hall is located in the hills of the northern border; north of these mountains are the Fingers. Redfort is located near the southern wing of mountains. Ironoaks is situated by a large lake in the middle of the Vale, while Old Anchor is located farther east along the sea. Gulltown and Runestone are located on a peninsula which extends east, south of which are the Bay of Crabs and Crackclaw Point.[7]


According to The Seven-Pointed Star, Hugor of the Hill had a vision of a "golden land amidst towering mountains".[3] During the Andal invasion, King Gerold Grafton began the development of Gulltown into the only city of the Vale. King Robar II Royce united many of the First Men of the Vale against the Andals, and he defeated the Hammer of the Hills, who had held the eastern Vale. Robar's alliance was crushed by Artys I Arryn at the Battle of Seven Stars, however.[3] Some First Men who refused to submit to House Arryn fled the Vale for the Mountains of the Moon, becoming the mountain clans.[3]

During Aegon's Conquest, Queen Regent Sharra Arryn fortified the Bloody Gate to block access to the Vale of Arryn. Visenya Targaryen flew on Vhagar to the Eyrie, however, and secured the submission of the Vale.[8]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Catelyn Stark brings her captive, Tyrion Lannister, through the high road to the Bloody Gate and the Vale of Arryn.[9] After leaving the Eyrie, Catelyn and Ser Rodrik Cassel cross the Vale to Gulltown,[10] where a ship takes them to White Harbor.[11]

A Feast for Crows

Access to the Vale from the west is blocked by snow on the high road.[12] Lord Petyr Baelish travels from the Eyrie across the Vale to Gulltown, where he attends the wedding of Lord Lyonel Corbray.[13]


Their sheep are prettier than their women.[14]

Daemon Targaryen regarding the Valemen