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The Vale and the location of Runestone
The Vale and the location of Runestone
The Vale of Arryn and the location of Runestone

Runestone is the seat of House Royce in the Vale of Arryn. It lies on a peninsula north of the Bay of Crabs, east of Redfort and south of Old Anchor. While Runestone is on the northern shore of the peninsula, the nearby city of Gulltown is on the southern shore.[1]


Runestone's household includes Maester Helliweg, Septon Lucos, and Ser Samwell Stone.[2]


Runestone was the ancient seat of the Bronze Kings of old from House Royce. After defeating seven Andal longships during the coming of the Andals, King Yorwyck VI Royce placed the heads of his slain foes along the walls of his castle. The Royces submitted to Artys Arryn after the death of King Robar II Royce in the Battle of the Seven Stars.[3]

During the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen, Princess Rhaena Targaryen was seen flying Dreamfyre as far as Runestone.[4] King Jaehaerys I Targaryen visited Runestone during a royal progress in 52 AC.[5] Ser Victor the Valiant was part of the household of Runestone before being named to the Kingsguard through the War for the White Cloaks.[6]

Prince Daemon Targaryen disliked living at Runestone with his first wife, Lady Rhea Royce. He tried to claim Runestone after Rhea's death, however, but his claim was rejected by Lady Jeyne Arryn. Daemon instead married Lady Laena Velaryon and fled with her to the Free Cities.[7]

Alyssa Royce traveled from Runestone to King's Landing for the Maiden's Day Cattle Show.[8] Ser Arnold Arryn, who had squired at Runestone in his youth, fled to the castle when war broke out in the Vale of Arryn after the passing of Lady Jeyne Arryn.[9] Ser Corwyn Corbray, one of the regents of Aegon III, was killed by a crossbowman on the walls of Runestone in 134 AC.[10][9]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

At Runestone, the Lords Declarant write and sign a document containing their demands for the removal of Lord Petyr Baelish as Lord Protector of the Vale.[11] During a parley at the Eyrie, the Lords Declarant attempt to have Lord Robert Arryn become Lord Yohn Royce's ward at Runestone. Petyr manipulates them into granting him a year to prove his worth, however.[12]

Bronze Yohn holds a small melee for squires only at Runestone. Harrold Hardyng wins and is knighted by Yohn as his reward.[13]


Runestone suits us all. Lord Yohn raised three fine sons of his own, there is no man more fit to foster his young lordship. Maester Helliweg is a good deal older and more experienced than your own Maester Colemon, and better suited to treat Lord Robert's frailties. In Runestone the boy will learn the arts of war from Strong Sam Stone. No man could hope for a finer master-at-arms. Septon Lucos will instruct him in matters of the spirit. At Runestone he will also find other boys his own age, more suitable companions than the old women and sellswords that presently surround him.[12]


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