War for the White Cloaks

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The War for the White Cloaks is the maesters' name for tourney melees held during the Golden Wedding of Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon to Lord Rogar Baratheon in 49 AC.[1]


Because there were five vacancies in the Kingsguard after young king Jaehaerys I Targaryen succeeded his uncle Maegor I Targaryen on the Iron Throne, Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon suggested that her son award white cloaks to champions of the tourney which would follow her Golden Wedding to Lord Rogar Baratheon. Jaehaerys decided that the contenders would fight on foot instead of jousting, as foes seldom strike a king from horseback.[1]

The tourney lasted seven days, with the jousting tilts overshadowed by wild melees and bloody duels. Hundreds of knights competed with axe, spear, and sword for the honor of serving in the Kingsguard. Several colorful competitors became favorites of the smallfolk, such as Ser Willam Stafford, Ser Tom the Strummer, and a mystery knight revealed to be Jonquil Darke.[1]


The five champions named to the Kingsguard were:


I want the knights protecting my son to be the finest to be found anywhere in Westeros, true honest men whose loyalty and courage is unquestioned. Let them win their cloaks with deeds of arms, whilst all the realm looks on.[1]


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