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None.svgJonquil Darke
the Scarlet Shadow
Jonquil Darke by Amuelia.png
Jonquil Darke by Amuelia

  • The Serpent in Scarlet[1]
  • The Scarlet Shadow[2]
Culture Crownlands
Father Lord Darklyn

Jonquil Darke, known as the Scarlet Shadow, was a noblewoman from House Darke, born a bastard daughter of Lord Darklyn of Duskendale.[1]


At the Golden Wedding in 49 AC, a test of arms that became known as the War for the White Cloaks was held, with hundreds of knights competing for the honor of serving in the Kingsguard of Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Jonquil took part as a slender mystery knight known as the Serpent in Scarlet. She was eventually defeated and unmasked, and became a great favorite with the smallfolk.[1]

In 51 AC, after an attempted assassination of Queen Alysanne Targaryen at the sacred waters known as Jonquil's Pool in Maidenpool, it was decided that the queen needed a protector who could accompany her where men couldn't go. Jaehaerys sent a raven to Duskendale, commanding the new Lord Darklyn to send his bastard half-sister to court. Jonquil arrived in King's Landing a few days later, and gladly accepted the position of Queen Alysanne's sworn shield and protector. In time she became known as the Scarlet Shadow, so closely did she guard her lady.[2]

Alysanne and Jonquil, by Chillyravenart

When the High Septon passed away in 54 AC, Jaehaerys and Alysanne traveled to Oldtown upon their dragons to pay their respects, and to influence the choice of the next High Septon. They took two protectors with them. To balance the weight for the dragons, Jonquil rode with King Jaehaerys on Vermithor, while Ser Joffrey Doggett of the Kingsguard rode with Alysanne on Silverwing.[2]

Jonquil traveled with Queen Alysanne when she went on a progress of the North in 58 AC. A small tourney was staged in White Harbor by House Manderly in the queen's honor. One of the competitors was a wildling woman, captured by Night's Watch rangers north of the Wall, and given to one of Lord Theomore Manderly's knights to foster. Impressed with the woman's daring, Alysanne had Jonquil spar with her. The two women dueled with sword and spear, while the northmen roared with approval. [3]

When the scandals committed by Princess Saera Targaryen came to light in 84 AC, and the young princess was confined to her room only to later attempt to escape to the Dragonpit, the king confined Saera to a tower cell, with Jonquil guarding her all day and night, even in the privy. When King Jaehaerys faced one of Saera's lovers, Ser Braxton Beesbury, in a trial by combat, Jonquil made sure Saera watched from the window of her cell as her father slew him with Blackfyre.[4]


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