Hall of a Thousand Thrones

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The Hall of a Thousand Thrones is the seat of government in Qarth. The Pureborn rule from this place.


The Pureborn are enthroned on great wooden chairs of their ancestors, which rise in curved tiers from a marble floor to a high domed ceiling painted with scenes of Qarth's vanquished glory. The unique chairs are immense, fantastically carved, bright with gold work, and studded with amber, onyx, lapis, and jade. Each Pureborn wants his chair to be the most fabulous.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

While residing in Xaro Xhoan Daxos's palace in Qarth, Daenerys Targaryen seeks an audience with the Pureborn to plead with them for usage of their galleys and soldiers. To open the doors of the Pureborn, she tenders bribes in gold to Mathos Mallarawan, Wendello Qar Deeth, and Egon Emeros the Exquisite. Daenerys makes the traditional sacrifice in the Temple of Memory, offers the traditional bribe to the Keeper of the Long List, sends the traditional persimmon to the Opener of the Door, and finally receives the traditional blue silk slippers summoning her to the Hall of a Thousand Thrones.[1]

Daenerys garbs herself in Qartheen fashion, as Xaro warns her that the Enthroned will never listen to a Dothraki. She wears flowing green samite with one breast bared, a belt of black-and-white pearls about her waist, and silvered sandals on her feet. The crowned Daenerys also wears a tight silver collar set with an enchanted amethyst. She takes Rhaegal on her shoulder. However, the men who sit in the ornate wooden seats seem so listless and world-weary that she thinks they might be asleep. Despite her attire, pleas, and flattery, the Pureborn courteously refuse Daenerys. Xaro disagrees with her refusal to weep.[1]


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