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Volantis.svg Triarch
Triarch Horonno.jpg
The execution of the Triarch Horonno, as depicted by Jordi Gonzales Escamilla in The World of Ice & Fire

Title Triarch of Volantis
Allegiance Tiger
Race Valyrian
Culture Volantene
Died Volantis

Horonno was one of the ruling triarchs of the Free City of Volantis during the Century of Blood.[1]


Horonno was a great hero during the Century of Blood. A member of the tiger faction, he was elected as Triarch of Volantis. He was much beloved, and reelected time and time again, causing him to rule as one of the three Volantene triarchs for forty years. Eventually, Horonno tired of elections, and named himself triarch for life. The Volantenes, angered by Horonno's attempt to usurp the ancient customs and laws of Volantis, overthrew him. Horonno was caught by rioters, stripped of his lands and titles, tied between two elephants and ripped in half.[1][2] Horonno's death is narrated in Nysseos Qohero's Journals.[1]

Horonno had been a tiger. When the elephants rose to power, their followers knocked the heads from the statues of all whom they blamed for the wars and deaths, including Horonno's statue in Selhorys.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Tyrion Lannister sees a headless statue of Horonno in Selhorys.[2]


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