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Caleotte and the Mountain's skull, by Joshua Cairós © Fantasy Flight Games

Title Maester at Sunspear
Born Westeros[1]

Caleotte is a maester in service to House Martell,[2] along with the younger Myles.[3]

Appearance and Character

Maester Caleotte is five feet tall, bald, and has a smooth face. He is fat[4] and has soft pink hands.[5] The maester wears slippers on his feet.[5]

Caleotte is clever but meek.[4]


Caleotte did not have redspots when he was a child.[6]

The maester has been serving House Martell since Doran Martell's mother ruled as Princess of Dorne.[4]

Caleotte designed a rolling chair with goose-down cushions and wheels of ebony and iron for Doran.[4]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

After a letter arrives to announce the death of Prince Oberyn Martell in King's Landing, Maester Caleotte gives it to Areo Hotah without breaking its seal. Areo then relays it to Oberyn's brother Doran, Prince of Dorne.[4]

Caleotte rides a donkey when Doran returns to Sunspear from the Water Gardens. The maester looks at Doran's hands after he meets with Tyene Sand to make sure she did not poison the prince. Doran asks Caleotte for a thimble cup of milk of the poppy.[4]

Princess Arianne Martell disguises Rosamund Lannister as Princess Myrcella Baratheon and tells Caleotte that Myrcella has come down with redspots. Arianne flees Sunspear with Myrcella in an attempt to crown the girl.[6]

After Myrcella is wounded by Ser Gerold Dayne at the Greenblood, Caleotte saves her life.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

Caleotte receives new robes with broad bands of dun and butternut and narrow stripes of red.[5]

When Ser Balon Swann presents the head of Ser Gregor Clegane to Doran and his court at Sunspear, Caleotte opens the box's latch and removes the Mountain's skull. He afterwards escorts Doran, Arianne, and Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene Sand to Doran's solar, taking the skull with him. Caleotte leaves the solar before Doran discusses his plans with his daughter and nieces.[5]

Quotes by Caleotte

Shall I fetch my prince a thimble cup of milk of the poppy?[5]

—Caleotte to Doran Martell

Quotes about Caleotte

Despite his age and girth, he was still nimble enough, and clever as they came, but meek. He is no match for any Sand Snake, the captain thought.[4]

—thoughts of Areo Hotah