Hills of Norvos

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Hills of Norvos is located in Free Cities
Hills of Norvos
Western Essos and the location of the Hills of Norvos

The Hills of Norvos are a series of rolling limestone hills[1][2] across northwestern Essos, stretching from Andalos to the Axe.

The city of Norvos is located among the hills. The headwaters of the Noyne and the Darkwash lie in the Hills of Norvos.[3] Northwest of the hills is Lorath Bay.[4]


The Hills of Norvos are crossed by swift, stony streams and honeycombed with caverns, which are sometimes inhabited by bears and wolves.[2] A hundred leagues northwest of Norvos is a vast cave system considered a natural wonder by Lomas Longstrider and an entrance to the underworld according to legend.[2]


The caves within the hills were inhabited by giants and men who painted on walls in antiquity.[2]

After winning two victories over Norvoshi hosts in the hills, Qarlon the Great of Lorath decided to attack Great Norvos. The Valyrian Freehold came to the aid of Norvos, however, and defeated Qarlon with dragonfire.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen travels with the khalasar of Khal Drogo through the Hills of Norvos, passing terraced farms and small villages.[1]