Qarlon the Great

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Lorath.svg King
Qarlon the Great
Title King of All Andals
Personal Information
Died near Norvos
Race Andal
Culture Lorathi Andal
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Qarlon the Great was an Andal warrior who united the Lorathi isles and dreamed of making himself "King of All Andals". His seat was a large wooden keep at Lorassyon.[1]


After twenty years of warfare against petty kings of Andalos, Qarlon's domain extended along the Shivering Sea from the future site of the Braavosi lagoon in the west and the Axe in the east. To the south Qarlon controlled the headwaters of the Upper Rhoyne and the Noyne, but this led to conflict with other Andal kings and the Free City of Norvos. When the Norvoshi closed the Noyne, Qarlon defeated them twice in the Hills of Norvos. Unwisely, however, he then marched against the city of Norvos.[1]

The Norvoshi sent to distant Valyria for help, and the Freehold rose in defense of its colony. According to The Fires of the Freehold, a hundred dragonlords burned Qarlon the Great and his Andal host outside Norvos. The dragonlords then attacked the Lorathi isles, burning Qarlon's keep. It is said nobody survived the Scouring of Lorath.[1]


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