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A map of the Free Cities in western Essos, with the Axe shown in blue.

The Axe is a peninsula on the northern coast of Essos that juts into the Shivering Sea. It is located southeast of Lorath, east of the Hills of Norvos, north of the Darkwash, and northwest of the Forest of Qohor.[1][2]

Great Norvos and Ibben both claim the peninsula.[3] Gold and amber from the Axe flow into Dagger Lake by way of the Qhoyne and its tributary, the Darkwash.[4]


The Axe is said to have been the original home of the Andals before they moved to Andalos.[5] Some Andals returned to the Axe under pressure from the Freehold of Valyria.[6]

The power of Lorath once extended as far as the Axe, such as during the era of Qarlon the Great.[7]