Scouring of Lorath

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Scouring of Lorath
Place Lorathi islands
Result Annihilation of entire Lorathi Andal population
Lorathi Andals Valyrian Freehold

The Scouring of Lorath was the conquest of the Lorathi islands by the Valyrian Freehold, as described in The Fires of the Freehold.[1]


When Qarlon the Great led his Andals against Norvos, the Free City appealed to Valyria for aid, resulting in the destruction of Qarlon and his host near Norvos. The Valyrian dragonlords then flew to Lorath, burning Qarlon's keep at Lorassyon and settlements throughout Lorath Bay and scorching the ancient labyrinths of the mazemakers with dragonfire. According to legend none of the Lorathi Andals survived the attack. More than a century later the Lorathi islands were resettled by Valyrian colonists who worshipped Boash.[1]


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