Old Man of the River

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Yandry claims this huge horned turtle is the Old Man of the River. Art by Puppy-Chow ©

The Old Man of the River is a lesser god of the Rhoynar. He is the son of Mother Rhoyne, and his form is that of a giant turtle. According to Rhoynar beliefs, the Old Man of the River fought the Crab King for dominion of all life below the flowing water.[1]

The giant turtles of the Rhoyne, the Old Men of the River, are named after him.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

In Dorne, Garin explains the history of the orphans of the Greenblood to Princess Myrcella Baratheon, including their devotion to Mother Rhoyne. When Ser Arys Oakheart says that he had heard the Rhoynar worshipped a turtle god, Garin explains that the Old Man of the River is a lesser god, the child of Mother Rhoyne.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

When the Shy Maid sails down the Rhoyne at Ny Sar, they see a huge horned turtle, which Yandry claims is the Old Man of the River himself.[3]


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