Battle in the waters off Gulltown

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Battle in the waters off Gulltown
Burning Arryn fleet.jpg
Visenya Targaryen and Vhagar burn the Arryn fleet, as depicted by John McCambridge in The World of Ice & Fire.
Conflict Aegon's Conquest
Date 2 BC
Place Waters off Gulltown
Result Targaryen invasion of the Vale halted
Both fleets destroyed
House Targaryen.svg House Targaryen: House Arryn.svg Kingdom of Mountain and Vale/House Arryn
House Velaryon.svg Lord Daemon Velaryon
House Targaryen.svg Queen Visenya Targaryen
Royal fleet
Velaryon fleet
A hastily assembled Arryn fleet
A dozen Braavosi warships
Lord Daemon Velaryon
Fleets destroyed
Fleet destroyed

A battle in the waters off Gulltown was a major naval battle during Aegon's Conquest. It resulted in the failure of the invasion of the Vale of Arryn and the destruction of both Arryn and Targaryen fleets.[1]


Aegon Targaryen, Lord of Dragonstone, made known his intentions of conquering Westeros and unifying the Seven Kingdoms under his rule. Sharra Arryn, Queen Regent for her son, Ronnel Arryn, the King of Mountain and Vale, sent a portrait of herself to Aegon and offered her hand in marriage with the condition Aegon would make Ronnel his heir, but Aegon refused.[1]


After being crowned at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush, King Aegon sent his fleet commanded by Daemon Velaryon to take Gulltown, the city of the Vale of Arryn. Daemon was accompanied by Aegon's sister, Visenya Targaryen.[1]

The Arryns hastily assembled a fleet to meet the Targaryens. Their fleet was augmented by a dozen Braavosi warships.[2]

The Targaryen and Arryn fleets met in the waters off Gulltown. The Arryns were able to destroy the Targaryen fleet and Daemon was killed. Visenya's dragon, Vhagar, burned the Arryn fleet in response. The battle was a tactical draw since both fleets were destroyed, but a strategic defeat for the Targaryens since they were unable to take Gulltown.[1]


Though the Targaryens lost the battle, the Sistermen on the Three Sisters revolted against House Arryn after the destruction of its fleet and named Marla Sunderland their queen.[1]


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