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Zamettar is located in Sothoryos
Northern Sothoryos and the location of Zamettar

Zamettar is a ruined city on the northern coast of Sothoryos. It lies on a large delta, the mouth of the Zamoyos. To the north lies the Summer Sea and Ax Isle, to the west the bulk of the Basilisk Isles, and to the south, deep in the jungle, Yeen and, beyond, the Green Hell.[1]


Zamettar was raised by the Ghiscari in the days of the Old Empire. The walled city was captured by the dragonlords of the Valyrian Freehold during the Fourth Ghiscari War.[1]

After refusing the offer of the corsair kings of the Basilisk Isles to settle at the Isle of Toads in exchange of a yearly tribute of thirty virgin girls and pretty boys, Princess Nymeria and the Rhoynar settled on Zamettar, which had been abandoned already for a thousand years. Nymeria remained there with the ships while some of her people made their way upriver to Yeen. Despite the riches to be found on Sothoryos, many Rhoynar fell to disease, parasites, predators, and the heat over the following year. Nymeria abandoned Zamettar and returned to the sea when a ship sent to Yeen found the ancient city suddenly vacant.[2]

Zamettar remains abandoned and the jungle is slowly creeping in.[1]


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