Osgood III Shett

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Osgood Shett
Shett (Gulltown).png
Biographical Information
Full Name Osgood Shett, Third of His Name
Other Titles King of the True Men
Royal House House Shett
Heir A son
Successor Gerold Grafton
Issue A son
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

King Osgood III Shett was a First Man ruler of Gulltown and the head of House Shett during the early stages of the Andal Invasion. He was styled Osgood Shett, Third of His Name, King of the True Men.


King Osgood and his forebears had been waging an intermittent war against the Bronze Kings of House Royce of Runestone. Under Osgood's rule, the Shetts were pushed back inside their town walls. Osgood turned to Andalos for help in recovering the lands lost to King Yorwyck VI Royce.

Seeking to avoid the mistakes made by Jon Brightstone and Dywen Shell, who had hired Andal warlords with gold, he sought to bind them with blood. He gave his daughter in marriage to the Andal knight Ser Gerold Grafton, took Grafton's eldest daughter as his own bride, and married a younger daughter of Grafton to his own son and heir. All these marriages were performed by septons, according to the rites of the "Seven From Across the Sea". Shett even converted to the Faith and swore to build a great sept in Gulltown should the Seven grant him victory. And so she sallied forth with his allies to face the Bronze King.

King Osgood won his victory, but did not survive the battle. It was rumored that Ser Gerold himself struck him down, for upon his return, the Andal knight claimed his good-father's crown for his own, dispossessing Osgood's lawful heir and confining him to his bedchamber until he had gotten his wife (Ser Gerold's daughter) with child. After the daughter was impregnated, Osgood's heir dissappeared from the pages of history.[1]