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Larra Rogare
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A young Prince Viserys and Larra Rogare holding the toddler Prince Aegon, as depicted by Magali Villeneuve in The World of Ice & Fire.

Alias Larra of Lys[1]
Title Lady[1][2]
Race Valyrian
Culture Lysene
Born 115 AC[3]
Died 145 AC[4]
Father Lysandro Rogare
Spouse Prince Viserys Targaryen[5]

Lady Larra Rogare was a member of House Rogare of Lys. She married Prince Viserys Targaryen, the younger brother of King Aegon III Targaryen. With Viserys, Larra had three children: King Aegon IV, Prince Aemon, and Queen Naerys Targaryen. She eventually abandoned Viserys and returned to Lys.

Appearance and Character

Larra was considered a great beauty.[6][7] She had pale skin,[7] and the silver-gold hair and purple eyes of Valyria.[8] She was tall and willowy.[6] She dressed in Lysene fashion, even during her time in King's Landing.[2]

Larra was fluent in High Valyrian and the dialects of Lys, Myr, Tyrosh, and Old Volantis, but not the Common Tongue.[2] She worshiped several deities, including Pantera, Yndros of the Twilight, Bakkalon, and Saagael.[2]

According to Mushroom, Larra liked to hear the music played by Sandoq, her guardsman, on a large stringed instrument, although it always made her cry.[2]


Early life and marriage

Larra was born in 115 AC as the youngest daughter of Lysandro Rogare, the head of the wealthy and influential banking family in Lys. Larra married Prince Viserys Targaryen, while he was a hostage to House Rogare. Not long thereafter, Larra's uncle, Drazenko Rogare, approached Lord Alyn Velaryon at Sunspear, informing him where Viserys could be found. Lysandro Rogare's terms included that Velaryon had to swear upon his honor that Larra's marriage to Viserys would not be set aide, for whatever reason. When Velaryon agreed to Lysaro's terms, he brought Viserys back to King's Landing.[1] Larra accompanied him, with three of her brothers, Moredo, Lotho, and Roggerio.[2] There, the regents of King Aegon III Targaryen confirmed the legitimacy of Larra's marriage to Viserys.[1]

Life in King's Landing

Larra moved into the Red Keep with her husband, but did not manage to adapt to the customs of the Seven Kingdoms. She made no attempt to learn the Common Tongue, instead using translators. She kept her Lysene servants and continued to worship Lysene gods, to whom she did obeisances. The people of King's Landing soon came to dislike and mistrust her. Cats were seen coming and going from her chambers frequently, and people began to whisper that they were her spies. Some even claimed that Larra was able to transform herself into a cat, and darker rumors followed soon after. Her worship of the god Yndros caused men to whisper that Larra would transform herself into a man to visit the brothels on the Street of Silk. As a result of her worship of Saagael, she was subsequently also blamed every time a child went missing. By late 134 AC, some of King's Landing began to fear that the Rogares would soon rule the Seven Kingdoms, with Larra holding the strings.[2]

Prince Viserys announced to the royal court that Larra was pregnant in 134 AC. She gave birth during the third month of 135 AC to a son whom Viserys named Aegon, for King Aegon III. Aegon was anointed with the seven oils of the Faith of the Seven, but when it became known that Larra wished to have Aegon blessed by her own gods as well, people began to whisper about obscene ceremonies and blood sacrifices.[2]

Following the sudden deaths of Larra's father Lysandro and her uncle Drazenko, Larra's eldest brother Lysaro drained the gold held by the Rogare Bank. When rumors began to spread that the Rogare Bank was unsound, House Rogare fell from power in Lys. The consequences extended to Westeros, where Lotho and Roggerio were arrested. Ser Marston Waters of the Kingsguard, the new Hand of the King, ordered Larra's arrest, but when Ser Amaury Peake arrived at Maegor's Holdfast to arrest her, he found himself denied entrance by Larra's husband Viserys, and Viserys's brother, King Aegon III. During the secret siege, Larra, Viserys, Aegon III, Queen Daenaera Velaryon, and several servants were trapped in Maegor's Holdfast for eighteen days. According to Marston Waters, Lord Thaddeus Rowan, the previous Hand, had confessed to having plotted with Larra's three brothers to poison King Aegon III and Queen Daenaera in order to crown Viserys king, with Larra as his queen. When Rowan was brought before Maegor's Holdfast to confirm his confessions, Viserys was quick to reveal Rowan had been tortured into giving false confessions. After his arrest, Septon Bernard would claim that it had been intended for Larra to die, so Viserys could ascent the throne and take a "proper Westerosi queen." Six days after Marston fulfilled his king's command to arrest those who had implicated Lord Rowan and the Rogares falsely, the siege came to an end.[2][9]

In 136 AC, by the time trials were held for those implicated in the siege and turmoil that had gone before, Larra was pregnant with her second child. She attended the trials together with her husband and young son Aegon. She was also present when Lord Torrhen Manderly passed his judgment on Lotho and Roggerio, and wept when the sentences were proclaimed.[10]

On the eve of Smith's Day in 136 AC, Larra gave birth to her second son, Aemon.[2] Two years later, she gave birth to a daughter, Naerys.[6] Larra never felt part of the court at King's Landing, however, and was never truly happy in Westeros.[6] In 139 AC, a year after having given birth to Naerys, Larra returned to Lys. She eventually died in 145 AC[4] of unknown causes. Viserys, an otherwise charming man, grew stern after Larra left him and their children.[9]


16 bastard
Viserys II
Aegon IV
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