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Location The Reach
Government House Manderly (formerly)
House Peake (formerly)
Religion Faith of the Seven

Dunstonbury is a castle in the Reach. Its current ruling house has not been published.


Dunstonbury was once a castle of House Manderly when they lived along the Mander in the Kingdom of the Reach. When the Manderlys fled the Reach a thousand years before the War of Conquest, Dunstonbury passed to their rivals, House Peake. Exiled in the North, the Manderlys built the New Keep at White Harbor to reflect Dunstonbury.[1]

For siding against King Daeron II Targaryen in the First Blackfyre Rebellion, the Peakes were stripped of two of their three castles,[2] Dunstonbury and Whitegrove, leaving them only Starpike.[3] It is unknown to which houses the Iron Throne granted the stripped castles.


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