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Starpike is the seat of House Peake in the Reach. The castle may be located in the Dornish Marches.[N 1]


The Peakes of Starpike have an older lineage than that of House Tyrell,[1] claiming descent from Florys the Fox.[2]

Starpike is the last castle that remains of the three once held by House Peake,[3] as Dunstonbury and Whitegrove[4] were stripped after the First Blackfyre Rebellion because of Lord Gormon Peake's support for Daemon I Blackfyre.[3]

According to a semi-canon source, King Maekar I Targaryen's helm was crushed by a rock from the battlements of Starpike during the Peake Uprising. Lord Robert Reyne and Ser Tywald Lannister were also killed in the Storming of Starpike.[5]

Behind the Scenes

Starpike is a reference by George R. R. Martin to Steerpike, a character in the Gormenghast series by Mervyn Peake.


  1. The published version of The World of Ice & Fire states Maekar was killed on the Dornish Marches, and the unabridged version of its "The Westerlands" chapter states Maekar was slain at Starpike.


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