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Greenbeard TheMico.jpg

Title Ser[3]
Allegiance Brotherhood without banners
Culture Tyroshi
Born Tyrosh[4]

Pello of Tyrosh, better known as Greenbeard,[5][6] is a Tyroshi member of the brotherhood without banners and one of its leaders.[1]


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Pello's beard is colored bright green, but it is starting to grow out grey. He is taller and bigger than Lem Lemoncloak.[7]


Tyrion Lannister learned some of the tongue of Tyrosh from a sellsword at Casterly Rock.[8] It is unknown if he is related to Greenbeard or the commander of Ser Forley Prester's freeriders.[9]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

It is probable that Greenbeard is a deserter from the War of the Five Kings[9]

Arya Stark meets Greenbeard when he visits the Inn of the Kneeling Man.[1] He is among the members of the brotherhood that escort Arya to see Lord Beric Dondarrion, rather than to Riverrun as she desires.[1] He speaks with Lady Ravella Smallwood at Acorn Hall and with the ghost at High Heart.[10]

Greenbeard is abed with Tansy at the Peach when the Mad Huntsman returns to Stoney Sept with Sandor Clegane.[2][3] After meeting up with Lord Beric in the hollow hill and witnessing the trial by combat of Sandor, Pello is sent with the Mad Huntsman to buy grain south of the Mander with the gold confiscated from the Hound.[11]

A Feast for Crows

Greenbeard is included among the followers of the late Beric Dondarrion, rather than the supporters of Lady Stoneheart.[6]

Quotes by Greenbeard

Greenbeard: The wolves will drown in blood if the Kingslayer's loose again. Thoros must be told. The Lord of Light will show him Lannister in the flames.

Anguy: There's a fire burning here.

Greenbeard: Do I look a priest to you, Archer? When Pello of Tyrosh peers into the fire, the cinders singe his beard.[1]

—Greenbeard and Anguy

Little one, a peasant may skin a common squirrel for his pot, but if he finds a gold squirrel in his tree he takes it to his lord, or he will wish he did.[1]

—Greenbeard to Arya Stark

Quotes about Greenbeard

Greenbeard, is it? Or Greybeard? Mother take mercy, when did you get so old?[2]

Tansy to Greenbeard