Garth the Gardener

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Garth the Gardener
House Gardner.PNG
Biographical Information
Reign In the Age of Heroes
Full Name Garth the Gardener
Other Titles King of the Reach
Culture First Men
Royal House House Gardener
Father Garth Greenhand
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Garth the Gardener was the legendary first King of the Reach and the founder of House Gardener.


Garth was the eldest son of the mythical Garth Greenhand, the High King of the First Men said to have been the ancestor of numerous houses of the Reach.[1] According to legend, Garth the Gardener made his home on the hill atop the Mander that in time would become known as Highgarden, and wore a crown of vines and flowers. From his loins sprang House Gardener, whose kings would rule for many thousands of years.[1]


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