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Garth VII Gardener
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Magali VilleneuGarth VII Gardener.jpg
Garth VII Gardener by Magali Villeneuve
Biographical Information
Full Name Garth of House Gardener, the Seventh of His Name
Alias Garth Goldenhand
The Goldenhand
Titles King of the Reach
Culture First Men
Royal House House Gardener
Successor A great-grandson
Issue Son
2 daughters
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Garth VII Gardener, called the Goldenhand or Garth Goldenhand, was a King of the Reach and head of House Gardener. He is considered the greatest Gardener King in the history of the Reach, for his deeds both in war and in peace. He became king at twelve and had reigned for eighty-one years when he died.[1]


As a boy, Garth turned back a Dornish invasion when King Ferris Fowler led a thousand men through the Wide Way intent on conquest. [1] Soon after he drove the last of the ironborn from their strongholds on the Misty Islands. He then renamed them the Shield Islands, and resettled them with his own fiercest fighters and finest seamen, granting them special dispensations with the goal of turning them into a first line of defense against ironborn raiders. This proved a great success.[2][1]

In his final and greatest war, Garth VII faced an alliance between the Storm King and the King of the Rock, who intended to divide the Reach between them. The Goldenhand defeated them both, and then with cunning words he sowed such strife between the two that they turned on each other with great slaughter at the Battle of Three Armies. In the aftermath Garth married his daughters to their heirs and signed a pact with each, thereby fixing the borders between their three kingdoms.[1]

But Garth's greatest achievement was to give his kingdom and people three-quarters of a century of golden peace. During the long years of his reign, the Reach was at war for less than ten. Generations of boys were born, grew to manhood, and sired children of their own and died without ever having to know what it was to grasp a spear and shield and march away to war. And with this long peace came an unprecedented prosperity. This period became known as the Golden Reign, and was when the Reach truly flowered.[1]

Garth VII died when he was ninety-three, frail of body but sound of wits, having reigned for eighty-one years. He was succeeded on the Oakenseat by a great-grandson.[1] The golden peace of Garth Goldenhand never came again.[3]


Garth VII
Prince Durrandon
Prince Lannister
Son[Note 1]
  1. King Garth VII Gardener was succeeded by his great-grandson.


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