Gyles III Gardener

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House Gardener.svg King
Gyles III Gardener
House Gardener.svg
Full name Gyles of House Gardener, the Third of His Name
Title King of the Reach
Dynasty House Gardener

Gyles III Gardener was a King of the Reach and a head of House Gardener.


While the Reach enjoyed an unprecedented prosperity, called the Golden Reign, under King Garth VII Gardener.[1] It was during the reign of Gyles III that Highgarden reached the apex of its power.[2]

Leading a glittering host of armored knights, Gyles went to war against the aged Storm King in the east, smashed the armies of the stormlanders, and conquered all the lands north of the Rainwood save for Storm's End, which he besieged for two years without result.[2] While he was away with his army in the east, the Reach was attacked by the King of the Rock, Lancel IV Lannister, forcing Gyles III to lift the siege of Storm's End and hurry home to deal with the westermen.[2]

House Osgrey were the Marshalls of the Northmarch at the time and Ser Wilbert Osgrey called up the reserve levies and marched to stop King Lancel. During the battle between the two forces, Ser Wilbert met the King of the Rock and was able to slay him at the cost of his own life, stopping the attack in its tracks. The westerland army collapsed and the Reach was saved.[3] Maester Yandel writes that had Lancel not invaded the Reach, Gyles III might have been able to complete his conquest in the stormlands.[2]

A new broader war followed, involving three Dornish kings and two from the Riverlands, and ended with Gyles III dead of a bloody flux and the borders between realms restored to more or less what they had been before hostilities began.[2]


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