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House Osgrey of Standfast
House Osgrey.svg
Coat of arms A lion, checkered green and gold, on white
(Argent, a lion chequy vert and or)
Head Unknown
Region The Reach
Overlord House Rowan
Cadet branch Osgrey of Leafy Lake

House Osgrey of Standfast is a noble house from Standfast in the Reach. Sworn to House Rowan, its lands border those of House Webber and House Stackhouse.[2] They have not been lords in centuries, now being landed knights, though they once had been among the greatest houses of the Reach.[2]

Their blazon is a chequy lion, green and gold rampant on a field of white.[2][3] Their motto has not appeared yet.


Early History

House Osgrey was established at least 1,000 years before the Conquest. The family used to be Marshalls of the Northmarch under House Gardener.[2] At that time they possessed four castles and were done fealty by a score of lesser lordlings and a hundred landed knights. Their largest castle was Coldmoat, which was raised by Lord Perwyn Osgrey.[2] The Osgreys were a prominent family who intermarried with great families such as the Florents, Swanns, Tarbecks, Hightowers and Blackwoods.[2] On one occasion an Osgrey, Ser Wilbert the Little Lion, killed and was killed by Lancel IV, King of the Rock, thereby repelling an invasion of the Reach.

Targaryen rule and Blackfyre Rebellion

After the last Gardener king was killed on the Field of Fire, the Osgreys' prominence began to diminish. Lord Ormond Osgrey lost Coldmoat when he spoke out against King Maegor the Cruel for his suppression of the Poor Fellows and the Warrior's Sons.[2] House Osgrey had at least one cadet branch at Leafy Lake but by 210 AC they had become extinct.[2]

In the First Blackfyre Rebellion of 196 AC the head of the house, Ser Eustace Osgrey, supported Daemon Blackfyre. In return Daemon promised the return of Coldmoat, but the rebellion failed and Osgrey's three sons were killed at the Battle of the Redgrass Field. Eustace was forgiven by King Daeron II Targaryen, but his daughter Alysanne was taken as a hostage. His wife committed suicide after the loss of all their children. This made Eustace the last of his line.[2]

The Sworn Sword

House Osgrey once had four castles the greatest of which was Coldmoat, they held the land from Nunny to Cobble Cover and controlled the towns of Dosk, Little Dosk and Brandybottom, as well as the caves at Derring Downs, they also held both sides of the Leafy Lake and the Horseshoe Hills. By 211 AC, however, the family had only one castle left, Standfast. Ser Eustace entered a conflict with his neighbor, Lady Rohanne Webber, over the rights to a border stream, the Chequy Water. Eustace had once proposed marriage of his youngest son, Addam, to Rohanne, but was declined by Rohanne's father. The new conflict was decided by a trial by battle in which the champion of House Osgrey, Ser Duncan the Tall, defeated Lucas Inchfield, the champion of Lady Webber.[2] After the fight Rohanne and Eustace reconciled, married and Eustace became the Lord of Coldmoat, but it is not known if he became the ruling Lord or only a consort to Lady Rohanne: thus, the lands that were under the domain of House Webber may or may not have been restored to House Osgrey.[2]

Historical Members


During the time of The Sworn Sword (211 AC), the Osgrey household was composed of:[2]


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