Pate (Standfast)

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Allegiance House Osgrey
Culture Reach
Born or between 161 AC and 181 AC[1]
Book The Sworn Sword (appears)

Pate was a peasant sworn to House Osgrey.[2]


He had weepy eyes.[2]


Pate went off to fight for House Osgrey during the Blackfyre Rebellion. He was one of the four that came back, the others being Ser Eustace, Dake and Lem.[2]

The Sworn Sword

Pate was among those called up for duty defending House Osgrey lands after a dispute over the Chequy Water with House Webber escalated into threats of war. He was sent home with the other by Ser Duncan the Tall after he realized that it would be futile to fight.[2]


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