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A landed knight is a knight that takes residence in a keep with accompanying land. Knightly families are members of the nobility and their status is hereditary. They have their own peasants and men-at-arms, and may take sworn swords.[1]

Landed knights appear to be similar in nature to the gentry, untitled minor nobility typically distinguished by their knighthood.


Landed knights are members of nobility,[2] but are normally are too low in rank to marry into great houses;[3] marrying a highborn woman like Brienne of Tarth would be a great achievement for one.[4] Landed knights are not lords,[5] and there are many more of the former; House Osgrey once boasted a score of lesser lordlings and a hundred landed knights as vassals,[1] while House Manderly claims a dozen lords and hundred landed knights as bannermen.[6] A landed knight does not have the authority to deliver justice in their land, specifically the right of pit and gallows. Rather, they must appeal to their liege lord.[1][7][8] Landed knights are sworn to fight for the lord who holds dominion over their land.[7]

Some landed knights are more powerful than smaller lordlings. These knights are usually of ancient houses, with extensive lands and strong castles. Their status is often reflected by taking a style that incorporates the name of their castle, such as Symond Templeton being the "Knight of Ninestars". Regardless, a landed knight has less prestige and is outranked by lords at feasts and tourneys, nonetheless.[8]

According to a semi-canon source, "masters" in the north are similar to southron landed knights.[9]



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