Battle of Three Armies

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Battle of Three Armies
Result Gardener victory
House Gardener House Lannister
House Durrandon
King Garth VII Gardener King of the Rock
Storm King
unknown unknown
unknown unknown

The Battle of Three Armies was a battle between House Gardener of the Reach and an alliance of House Durrandon of the stormlands and House Lannister of the Rock.[1]


In his last and greatest war, King Garth VII Gardener of the Reach faced an alliance between the Storm King and the King of the Rock, who intended to divide the Reach between them. Garth defeated them both, and then with cunning words he sowed such discord between the two kings that they turned on each other with great slaughter. In the aftermath Garth married his daughters to their heirs and signed a pact with each, thereby fixing the borders between their three kingdoms.[1]


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