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Nagga's Hill by Lake Hurwitz © Fantasy Flight Games

Nagga's hill is located on the island of Old Wyk in the Iron Islands. The hill overlooks Nagga's Cradle, the body of water between Old Wyk and Great Wyk. The ribs of Nagga, a dead sea dragon, rise from the ground like large white trees as wide as a dromond's mast and twice as tall.[1]


Nagga's hill is the site of the Grey King's Hall, where the ironborn once chose their kings through kingsmoots.[2] Urron Greyiron made the kingship hereditary after slaying thirteen kings and half a hundred priests of the Drowned God during one kingsmoot.[3]

After the death of King Harren Hoare during Aegon's Conquest, priests of the Drowned God crowned the priest-king Lodos beneath Nagga's bones.[4][5]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

At Pebbleton, Aeron Greyjoy preaches that a kingsmoot should be held at Nagga's hill to choose the new king after the passing of Balon Greyjoy.[2]

The kingsmoot is held at Nagga's hill, choosing Euron Greyjoy as king.[6]

Chapters that take place at Nagga's hill


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