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Ironman's Bay is a bay of the Sunset Sea on the western coast of Westeros.[1] It is named after the ironmen or ironborn, the inhabitants of the nearby Iron Islands.[2]


The southern shore of Ironman's Bay lies along the northern westerlands,[3] which includes the castle of Banefort. It extends to the east along the western riverlands; Seagard is built along the eastern shore.[4] The northern shore of Ironman's Bay is the Cape of Eagles in the riverlands[5] or Cape Kraken in the north.[6] In the latter case the northwest of Ironman's Bay would also stretch along the west of the Neck and the Flint Cliffs.[7] Ten Towers is located on the eastern shore of Harlaw in the Iron Islands.[1]

The bay is populated by cod, black cod, monkfish, skate, icefish, sardines, and mackarel.[8]


Seagard on Ironman's Bay, by Thomas Denmark © Fantasy Flight Games

Harwyn Hoare, King of the Iron Islands, crossed Ironman's Bay with a hundred longships for his invasion of the northern riverlands.[9]

Balon Greyjoy attacked Seagard to begin Greyjoy's Rebellion.[2] After the sea battle off Fair Isle, King Robert I Baratheon's host sailed to the Iron Islands from Seagard and Lannisport.[10]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

The Myraham transports Theon Greyjoy from Seagard to Lordsport on Pyke.[2]


The soil of the Iron Islands is thin and stony, more suitable for the grazing of goats than the raising of crops. The ironborn would surely suffer famine every winter but for the endless bounty of the sea and the fisherfolk who reap it.[8]

—writings of Yandel