Blackwood Vale

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The riverlands and the location of Blackwood Vale
The riverlands and the location of Blackwood Vale
Blackwood Vale
The riverlands and the region of Blackwood Vale, including Raventree Hall[1]

Blackwood Vale is a broad, fertile valley north of the Red Fork and west of the Blue Fork in the riverlands.[2] Raventree Hall, the seat of House Blackwood, is in Blackwood Vale. There have been no woods in it for several thousand years, as the oaks were cleared for homes, mills and holdfasts.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Lord Tytos Blackwood sweeps the Lannisters from his lands, but the invaders leave him with nothing but Raventree Hall and a scorched desert.[3]

A Dance with Dragons

Ser Jaime Lannister travels to Raventree to negotiate the surrender of Lord Tytos and to end the siege of Raventree. Jaime sees that little remains of the fields, farms, and orchards of the valley, which he attributes to the campaign of his father, Lord Tywin Lannister, during the War of the Five Kings.[4]

The besieger, Lord Jonos Bracken, desires to gain the east bank of the Widow's Wash, from Crossbow Ridge to Rutting Meadow and all the islands in the stream, Grindcorn Mill, Lord's Mill, the ruins of Muddy Hall, the Ravishment, Battle Valley, Oldforge, the villages of Buckle, Blackbuckle, Cairns and Claypool, and the market town at Mudgrave, Waspwood, Lorgen's Wood, Greenhill, the Teats, and Honeytree and all the hives. Jonos omits Pennytree, as it is a royal fief. However, Tytos only agrees to transfer Woodhedge, Crossbow Ridge, Buckle, Lord's Mill, and Honeytree.[4]