Tarbeck Hall

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The westerlands and the Crag; Tarbeck Hall is nearby.
The westerlands and the Crag; Tarbeck Hall is nearby.
The Crag
The westerlands and the Crag; Tarbeck Hall is nearby.[1]

Tarbeck Hall is a ruined castle in the westerlands, located near Castamere and the Crag.[1] It was the seat of ancient House Tarbeck.


Although of ancient linage, House Tarbeck was impoverished by the time of Gerold the Golden, Lord of Casterly Rock. After the marriage of Lord Walderan Tarbeck to Ellyn Reyne, however, the Tarbecks fortunes improved. Ellyn used Lannister gold to rebuild the castle's curtain wall, strengthen its towers, and decorate its keep.[2]

According to a semi-canon source,[3] Lord Denys Marbrand was sent by Lord Tytos Lannister ca. 255 AC to deal with the truculent Walderan, whose claiming of land angered King Aegon V Targaryen. Roger Reyne, Lord of Castamere and Walderan's ally, slew Denys before he reached Tarbeck Hall, however, and Ser Reynard Reyne convinced Tytos to make peace.

During the Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion against House Lannister, Walderan and most of his kin were killed in the field by Ser Tywin Lannister, the heir of Lord Tytos. Rather than starve out Tarbeck Hall, Tywin used siege engines to destroy its keep. Tywin smiled[4] when it collapsed on Lady Ellyn Tarbeck and her son, Tion the Red, and he ordered the castle put to the torch. Tywin then defeated Roger's army from Castamere when it arrived at the ruins of Tarbeck Hall. The ruins have remained vacant since the rebellion.[2]


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