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House Lannister.svg Lord
Gerold Lannister
the Golden
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Gerold Lannister by oznerol.png
Art by Oznerol-1516.

Alias Gerold the Golden[1]
Allegiance House Lannister[2]
Culture Westermen[2]
Born or before 196 AC[3]
Casterly Rock[4]
Died 244 AC
Casterly Rock[1][4]
Father Damon Lannister
Mother Cerissa Brax

Gerold Lannister, also known as Gerold the Golden, was the Lord of Casterly Rock, the Shield of Lannisport, the Warden of the West, and the head of House Lannister during the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen, King Maekar I Targaryen, and part of the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen. He was the second son of Lord Damon Lannister and Lady Cerissa Brax, and the younger brother of Lord Tybolt Lannister.[2][5]

Lord Gerold would have four sons: Ser Tywald, Ser Tion, Tytos, and Ser Jason Lannister.[5]

Appearance and Character

Gerold was golden-haired and over six feet tall.[2]

Gerold was known to be quick of wit.[2] A genial man, Gerold was exceedingly clever. As Lord of Casterly Rock, he proved himself to be an exceptionally shrewd, able, and fair-minded lord. He enjoyed reading, especially later in his life.[1]


Early life

Born at Casterly Rock, Gerold Lannister was the youngest son of Lord Damon Lannister, the Grey Lion.[4] After Damon passed in 210 AC, Gerold's older brother Ser Tybolt became the Lord of Casterly Rock.[1] By 211 AC, he was a suitor to Lady Rohanne Webber of Coldmoat, but she believed he would never willingly forsake the pleasures of Lannisport and the splendor of Casterly Rock for some little lordship, as he wielded more influence at Casterly Rock as his brother's advisor than he could ever hope for as the husband of Lady Rohanne.[2] Lady Rohanne would eventually marry another,[2] but some time after the passing of her fifth husband, she and Gerold were married after all.[6] Although Gerold had no children by his first wife, Lady Alysanne Farman, he would have four sons with Rohanne: Tywald, Tion, Tytos, and Jason Lannister.[5]

Tybolt passed away in 212 AC under suspicious circumstances, and his young daughter Cerelle succeeded him as Lady of Casterly Rock, with Gerold serving as her regent. However, in less than a year, Lady Cerelle passed away. The suddenness of Cerelle's death quickly led to rumors that Gerold has murdered his niece,[1] the most common tale claiming that he had smothered her with a pillow. Some of his lords and many of his smallfolk held no love of him, believing him a kinslayer.[7] Some said he had murdered his brother Tybolt as well.[1]

Lord of Casterly Rock

Following the death of his niece Gerold succeeded her as Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West. He quickly proved to be a shrewd and able lord. His rule was prosperous, and Gerold was able to greatly increase the wealth and power of House Lannister, as well as the trade at Lannisport. Gerold ruled the westerlands for thirty-one years, earning the sobriquet "Gerold the Golden".[1]

In 230 AC, Gerold's wife Rohanne disappeared under mysterious circumstances, shortly after giving birth to Gerold's fourth son Jason. His eldest son Tywald died during the Storming of Starpike in 233 AC while squiring for Lord Robert Reyne in the Peake Uprising.[1] King Maekar had died in the battle as well, after which Lord Brynden Rivers summoned a Great Council to settle the issue of royal succession. With his eloquence, and possibly his gold as well, Gerold aided in swaying the lords at the council into bestowing the Iron Throne to Prince Aegon Targaryen.[7]

Gerold's son Tywald had been long betrothed to Lady Ellyn Reyne, the sister of Roger Reyne, the new Lord of Castamere. Following Tywald's death, Lady Ellyn persuaded Tywald's twin brother Tion to set aside his own betrothal and marry her instead. It has been said that Gerold opposed the match, but that in the end, due to his grief, age, and illness, he gave way[1] when Tion revealed that Tywald's dying words pleaded his brother to "take care of Lady Ellyn."[7]

Following the double wedding of his sons Tion and Tytos in 235 AC, Gerold retreated to his books and bedchamber. As the wife of the heir to Casterly Rock, Ellyn became Lady of Casterly Rock in all but name, and was quick to bring her brothers and kin to Casterly Rock.[1] When Gerold's aged fool Lord Toad made a jape at Ellyn's expense, she had him whipped. Gerold was too ill to interfere.[7] When the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion broke out in 236 AC, Ser Tion perished in the Battle of Wendwater Bridge. Tion's death woke a new strength in Gerold, and he took a firm hold of the westerlands once more. He became intent on preparing his thirdborn son, Tytos, for his lordship.[1]

In 239 AC, Ellyn was accused of attempting to bed Tytos, urging him to set aside his wife. Tytos soon told his own wife, Lady Jeyne Marbrand, who informed Gerold. Furious, Gerold married Ellyn off to Walderan Tarbeck, the Lord of Tarbeck Hall.[1]

Final years

Lady Ellyn would give Lord Tarbeck two daughters and a son. She chose all their names carefully, according to Maester Beldon, who called them "daggers aimed at Lord Gerold's heart". Her first daughter was named Rohanne, after Lord Gerold's lost wife. Her second daughter was named Cyrelle, after the niece Gerold was rumored to have murdered. Her son was named Tion, after Gerold's son and Ellyn's late husband.[7] In 242 AC, Tytos and Jeyne gave Gerold his first grandson, Tywin. Legend claims that when Lord Gerold ruffled the infant Tywin's golden hair, the child bit his finger.[1]

In 244 AC, Gerold died of a bad bladder, unable to pass water. He was succeeded by his son Tytos.[1]

Quotes about Gerold

Were I given to wagering, I should place my gold on Gerold Lannister. He has yet to put in an appearance, but they say he is golden-haired and quick of wit, and more than six feet tall…[2]


Gerold Lannister was born the second son of Lord Damon Lannister and Lady Cerissa of House Brax. His elder brother was Ser Tybolt Lannister, who gave him a single niece, Lady Cerelle.[1]

He was married twice, first to Lady Alysanne Farman, with whom he had no issue, second to Lady Rohanne Webber, with whom he had four sons: Tywald, Tion, Tytos, and Jason Lannister.[5] Though Tytos and Jason would bore Gerold many grandchildren, Tytos' eldest son Tywin was the only one Gerold would live to see.[1]

[Note 1]
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  1. In 298 AC, it has been roughly ninety years ago since Gowen and Tya were wed, placing their marriage around 208 AC. Therefore Tya was a contemporary to Lords Damon (d.210 AC) and Tybolt (d.212 AC).


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