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Walderan Tarbeck
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Walderan Tarbeck as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Title Lord of Tarbeck Hall[1]
Allegiance House Tarbeck
Culture Westermen
Born 184 AC[2]
Died 261 AC[1]
near Tarbeck Hall[1]

Walderan Tarbeck was the last confirmed Lord of Tarbeck Hall and head of House Tarbeck, who ruled during the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen.[1]

Appearance and Character

Maester Yandel describes Walderan as having been florid.[1] Ser Jaime Lannister considers him to have been muttonheaded.[3] According to Casterly Rock's fool, Lord Toad, Walderan was extremely fat.[4]


Marriage with Ellyn

By 239 AC when he was fifty-five, Walderan was twice widowed with several sons from his first two marriages.[1] He was hastily wed to Ellyn Reyne, the widow of Tion Lannister, supposedly after Ellyn tried to seduce the already-married Tytos Lannister.[1] Ellyn gave birth to Rohanne in 240 AC, Cyrelle in 241 AC, and Tion the Red in 242 AC.[4]

When the weak-willed Tytos became Lord of Casterly Rock, Walderan and Ellyn's brother Roger Reyne, Lord of Castamere, were his most troublesome bannermen. Although Walderan was impoverished when he married Ellyn, his wife used her connections with House Lannister to borrow considerable loans from Tytos and rebuild Tarbeck Hall.[1] Walderan was able to increase the household knights in his service from twenty to five hundred.[4]

Heightened Tensions

Ca. 255 AC, House Tarbeck angered King Aegon V Targaryen through their territorial demands, according to a semi-canon source.[4] Lord Tytos sent Lord Denys Marbrand to capture the Tarbecks, but Roger came to his sister's aid and his soldiers slew the Marbrand men in the night before they reached Tarbeck Hall. Ser Reynard Reyne convinced Tytos that it was a misunderstanding, however, and the Lord of the Rock pardoned the Tarbecks and Reynes.[4]

With Lord Tytos disinterested in ruling, Walderan was ostensibly the most powerful lord in the westerlands during the War of the Ninepenny Kings, since Tytos's sons and brother Jason were on campaign in the Stepstones alongside Roger the Red Lion. However, Walderan was himself ruled by Ellyn.[4]

In the aftermath of the war, Tytos's heir, Ser Tywin, tried to quell rebellious lords by demanding the repayment of loans. Walderan rode to the Rock to address Tytos, but Tywin had him imprisoned. In response, Ellyn took three Lannisters hostage, two Lannisters of Lannisport and Stafford Lannister, Tytos's nephew.[5] Ellyn let Tytos know that she would kill the Lannisters if he harmed her husband. Although Tywin advised to send Walderan back in three pieces, Tytos insisted upon a peaceful solution.[3] Tywin's younger brother, Ser Kevan, exchanged Walderan at Castamere, the seat of Roger the Red Lion.[1]


War broke out in 261 AC with the Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion. Only able to gather his household knights on short notice, Walderan was quickly defeated by Tywin's host, with his last surviving son from his first marriage killed in battle. Walderan expected to be ransomed by Tywin, but the young knight instead ordered the beheadings of the Tarbeck men. The heads of Walderan, two sons from his second marriage, his other kin in the host, and his soldiers were then put on display when Tywin continued to Tarbeck Hall.[4][1]

Walderan's widow, Lady Ellyn, and last son, Tion the Red, were killed during Tywin's attack on Tarbeck Hall.[1] According to a semi-canon source, his daughters Rohanne and Cyrelle were forced to join the silent sisters. Rohanne's three-year-old son, the so-called last Lord Tarbeck, disappeared during the battle.[4]


A wallowing walrus of a man. If bellies were brains, he might have been the wisest man in all the west.[4]

Lord Toad about Walderan


two wives


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Last known title holder:
Lord Tarbeck
Lord of Tarbeck Hall
?–261 AC
Succeeded by