Battle of the Kingsroad

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Battle of the Kingsroad
Conflict Dance of the Dragons
Date 131 AC
Place Kingsroad north of King's Landing
Result Black victory
Greens Blacks
Lord Borros Baratheon Lord Kermit Tully
Lord Benjicot Blackwood
Lady Alysanne Blackwood
Lord Darry+
Lord Mallister
Lord Borros Baratheon Lord Darry
Lord Mallister

The Battle of the Kingsroad, called the Muddy Mess by those who fought in it, was the last battle of the Dance of the Dragons. It took place between the greens and the blacks on the kingsroad not far from King's Landing.[1]


Despite the death of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, there were still those who fought against Aegon the Elder, King Aegon II Targaryen.[1] Lord Borros Baratheon, who had been reluctant to face the dragons in the war personally, had seized King's Landing during the Moon of the Three Kings, and restored the city to Aegon's rule. With a host of riverlanders marching towards the city, Lord Borros decided to march with his strength against all what remained of Rhaenyra's forces[1][2] in the last days of the war.[3]


The two forces met on the kingsroad. The host of riverlanders was led by young Lord Kermit Tully, the even younger Lord Benjicot Blackwood, and Blackwood's aunt, Lady Alysanne. Upon learning that these three were leading the host ("boys and women"), Lord Borros became confident in his victory.[2]

It was Ben Blackwood who broke Borros's flank, and Black Aly Blackwood who led archers against Borros's knights. It is written in accounts that Borros kept fighting, and that he personally killed Lords Darry and Mallister.[2] In the end, he himself was slain by Kermit Tully.[1][3][2] His host was shattered,[1] and the victory for the riverlanders secured.[2]


After the battle, Benjicot Blackwood was known as Bloody Ben Blackwood, and Kermit Tully, who had been the chief commander,[3] and Benjicot together were called the Lads.[1]

The Lads advanced on King's Landing, as they were only a stone's throw removed from the city. New armies supporting Prince Aegon the Younger were also advancing, as Lord Cregan Stark was marching down the kingsroad with his own host, leaving the tidings severe for King Aegon II.[1] Aegon the Elder had lost the war, which was plain for those advising him, but not to the king himself. Lord Corlys Velaryon, now serving on King Aegon II's small council, advised him that the only remaining option was to surrender and take the black. King Aegon refused, and gave orders to have the ear of his nephew Aegon the Younger cut off as a warning. King Aegon was carried back to his chambers in his litter, but when the litter arrived and the curtains were lifted, the king was found dead, with blood on his lips, having been poisoned.[1] The Hour of the Wolf followed once Cregan reached the capital.[4]