Lord of Storm's End

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Lord of Storm's End
Office Ruler of Storm's End
Region The Stormlands
Current Holder King Stannis I Baratheon
King Tommen I Baratheon (disputed)
Heir Princess Shireen Baratheon
Princess Myrcella Baratheon (disputed)
First Holder Lord Orys Baratheon
Creator Aegon I Targaryen
Created Aegon's Conquest

Lord of Storm's End is the title held by the noble seated at the castle of Storm's End since Aegon's Conquest. Though the castle was originally held by House Durrandon, following the marriage of Argella Durrandon to Orys Baratheon, Storm's End has been ruled by House Baratheon.


After the death of King Argilac Durrandon, the last Storm King, his only child, Argella, barred her gates. The garrison of Storm's End, however, preferred to surrender and chained and gagged Argella, delivering her naked to Orys Baratheon, who was in command of the Targaryen army. Orys took Argella to wife, the arms and words of House Durrandon for his own, and was granted Storm's End as his own seat.[1]

Lord Orys remained loyal to House Targaryen, taking part in the First Dornish War, in which he was captured, and maimed by the Wyl of Wyl, also known as the Widow lover.[2] Orys got his revenge during the Vulture Hunt early in the reign of Aenys I Targaryen, when the Widow lover's son was captured.[2]

Lord Rogar Baratheon was the first Lord to declare for Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen.[2] His daughter, Jocelyn, married Jaehaerys's eldest son, Prince Aemon.[3][4] Rogar's son, Lord Boremund, was an outspoken and staunch supporter of the claims of his niece, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, and a steadfast friend to her.[2][5] Boremund's son and Rogar's grandson, Lord Borros, declared for Aegon II Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons, and captured King's Landing for Aegon II during the Moon of the Three Kings.[2]

Lord Lyonel Baratheon betrothed his daughter to Prince Duncan Targaryen, the heir to King Aegon V Targaryen. In 239 AC, Duncan broke his betrothal by marrying Jenny of Oldstones, after which Lyonel declared the independence of the Stormlands. A trial by combat against a knight from the Kingsguard and the promise of the hand of Princess Rhaelle Targaryen in marriage to Lyonel's heir, Ormund, resulted in an end to the defiance.[2]

Lord Robert Baratheon was betrothed to Lyanna Stark when she was kidnapped by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, Robert's cousin.[6] When King Aerys II Targaryen demanded both Robert's head, and the head of Eddard Stark, Robert's foster father, Lord Jon Arryn of the Eyrie, rose in rebellion. Robert fought during this rebellion as one of its leaders, and was crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms at its end, following the death of Aerys II.[7]

Robert granted Storm's End to his youngest brother, Renly Baratheon.[8]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Following the death of his oldest brother, King Robert I Baratheon, Lord Renly Baratheon declares himself king.[9]

A Clash of Kings

Following Renly's death, his brother Stannis lays claim on Storm's End.[10]

A Storm of Swords

Following the loss at the Battle of the Blackwater, Stannis's Hand of the King, Lord Alester Florent, attempts to negotiate with the Iron Throne, suggesting that Stannis relinquish his royal claim and remain both Lord of Dragonstone and Lord of Storm's End. Stannis has Alester imprisoned for treason.[11]

A Feast for Crows

In her ploy to gain control over her own birthright, Princess Arianne Martell argues to Ser Arys Oakheart that Storm's End belongs to Tommen Baratheon by rights, following Rhoynish inheritance customs.[12]

Lords of Storm's End

The known Lords of Storm's End are:

Following Renly's death in 299 AC, Stannis has taken possession of Storm's End. However, as the lawful son of the late Robert I, King Joffrey I Baratheon has a legal claim to Storm's End as well, and then King Tommen I Baratheon after Joffrey's death.

Behind the Scenes

Jon Connington is stated in the Appendix of A Dance with Dragons to have once been the Lord of Storm's End.[20] However, this has been confirmed to be an error.[21]


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