Riot of King's Landing (Dance of the Dragons)

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Riots of King's Landing
Conflict Dance of the Dragons
Date 130 AC
Place King's Landing
Result Storming of the Dragonpit
Deaths of Syrax, Morghul, Shrykos, Dreamfyre, Arrax
Death of Joffrey Velaryon
Retreat of Queen Rhaenyra from King's Landing
Smallfolk of King's Landing
  • Ser Perkin's gutter knights
    • "Mudfoot" garrison of the City Watch
  • Lion Gate garrison of the City Watch ("Lions")
  • The Shepherd's "lambs"
House Velaryon sworn swords
The blacks
  • Ser Perkin the Flea
  • Wat the Tanner
  • The Shepherd
  • Lord Commander Lorent Marbrand
    Ser Torrhen Manderly
    Ser Medrick Manderly
    Ser Luthor Largent
    Ser Balon Byrch
    Ser Garth the Harelip
    Lord Commander Glendon Goode
    Lorent Marbrand
    Luthor Largent
    Davos Deddings

    The riot of King's Landing took place during the Dance of the Dragons, as Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen was losing her grip on the Iron Throne and the citizenry of King's Landing were living in paranoia and terror of the coming of the greens' dragons. The suicide of the beloved Princess Helaena Targaryen was the final event that caused the riots. Rumor spread that she was murdered under the orders of the queen.[1]

    The riots began in Flea Bottom as men and women poured from the wine sinks, pot shops, and rat pits, by the hundreds and then the thousands, drunk, angry and afraid. They called for justice for the murders of Helaena and her child before her, the young Prince Jaehaerys. Wagons were overturned and shops and warehouses were looted. No one was spared, whether of high birth or low. Lords and knights were murdered. Lady Darla Deddings saw her brother Davos stabbed through the eye when he tried to defend her from drunken rapists.[1]

    Sailors unable to return to their ships attacked the River Gate. By morning the bodies of the captain of the River Gate and three of his serjeants hanged from the gate. In Flea Bottom five hundred gold cloaks attempted to hold back a mob of ten thousand which resulted in the death of Ser Luthor Largent. Ser Lorent Marbrand led a hundred knights and men at arms into Flea Bottom but only sixteen returned. Among them was Ser Glendon Goode, who brought back the body of Lorent, killed in the riots.[1]

    A hedge knight called Ser Perkin the Flea crowned his squire Trystane Truefyre, claiming him to be a son of Viserys I Targaryen. Ser Perkin started knighting every sellsword, thief, and murderer who joined him till he led a ragged army of gutter knights who managed to swarm all over Fishmonger's Square and River Row.[1]

    The captains of the Old Gate and Dragon Gate managed to sally out and restore some semblance of order to the streets north and east of Rhaenys's Hill. Ser Medrick Manderly did the same for the area northeast of Aegon's Hill, to the Iron Gate.[1]

    The riots culminated in the storming of the Dragonpit and the deaths of five dragons, after which Rhaenyra fled the city.[1]

    Subsequently, King's Landing descended into anarchy for some time, a chaotic period known as the "Moon of the Three Kings". Different factions divided up sections of the city into their own rival fiefdoms: Trystane Truefyre and Gaemon Palehair, both alleged Targaryen bastards, were proclaimed as king by their respective mobs. Trystane's followers managed to gain control of the Red Keep itself on Aegon's Hill, while Gaemon's held Rhaenys's Hill (from the Street of Silk below the Dragonpit). The Shepherd and his followers, however, controlled large swaths of the rest of the city - though many districts weren't controlled by anyone, as the lawless rioting continued.[2]


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