Wat the Tanner

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Wat the Tanner
Culture Crownlands

Wat the Tanner was a simple tanner who lived in King's Landing during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


When riots broke out in King's Landing in 130 AC, Wat was among the mob that stormed the manse of Lord Bartimos Celtigar, the despised master of coin. After Bartimos was captured and tortured, Wat declared to Bartimos that he had not paid the "cock tax" and thus his manhood was forfeit. Wat later rode through the streets upon a stolen horse, displaying Lord Bartimos's severed head and genitals to the crowds and declaring an end to all taxes. Due to his profession, he was dubbed Wat the Tanner by historians.[1]

During the second day of the riot, Wat and his followers overwhelmed the Gate of the Gods and poured out into the countryside up the kingsroad. Wat still carried Lord Celtigar's rotting head.[1]


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