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Ruined port town
Location Driftmark, crownlands, Westeros
Destroyed 130 AC, during the Dance of the Dragons

Spicetown was a town on the island of Driftmark in the crownlands. It was located near High Tide, athwart the Gullet.[1]


Named after the town, Spicetown Girl was a warship belonging to House Velaryon of Driftmark.[2]


Spicetown arose from a village when House Velaryon became the wealthiest house of the Seven Kingdoms from the voyages of Lord Corlys Velaryon. Due to its location, it began to attract much of the trade that elswise would have made for Duskendale or King's Landing. Spicetown's wharves became crowded with ships from the Free Cities and beyond.[1]

In 120 AC, Ser Qarl Correy slew his alleged lover, Ser Laenor Velaryon, over an unknown quarrel at a fair in the town.[1] Nettles grew up homeless in Spicetown and Hull.[3]

Corlys the Sea Snake launched his ships from Hull and Spicetown to close the Gullet at the start of the Dance of the Dragons.[4] The people of Spicetown heard the shriek of Vermax when the dragon was wounded during the Battle of the Gullet in 130 AC. On behalf of the greens, the Triarchy then sacked the town, butchering its populace and burning its buildings. Nearby High Tide was also burned during the battle. Spicetown was not rebuilt after the civil war.[5]

Ser Marston Waters and another "cousin" from Spicetown, left homeless from the Battle of the Gullet,[3] aided Tom Tanglebeard and Tom Tangletongue.[6]


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