Tom Tanglebeard

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Tom Tanglebeard

Allegiance Greens
Born At Dragonstone
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Tom Tanglebeard was a man from Dragonstone. His son was Tom Tangletongue, and his nephew was Ser Marston Waters. Tom and his son were referred to collectively as the "Two Toms."[1]


The Two Toms aided Ser Alfred Broome during the fall of Dragonstone.[1]

The Two Toms accompanied King Aegon II Targaryen when he sailed to King's Landing. Tom Tanglebeard was later killed in the purge of the king's loyalists. Agents of the conspirators found him on a tavern of Eel Alley and drowned him in a cask of ale when he argued he was a simple fisherman looking for ale.[2]


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