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The Seven Swords is the largest inn in Duskendale. It is a four story structure that towers over the other buildings. Named after the seven members of House Darklyn who served in the Kingsguard, its sign has seven wooden swords painted white. It has a common room. Among some of the fare served at the Seven Swords is bread, hot crab stew, watered wine and a drink of milk and honey mixed with three raw eggs.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

As the captain's sister is repainting her oaken shield Brienne of Tarth decides to overnight in the Seven Swords. She is given a room on the second floor. A woman with a liver colored birthmark on her face helps her with her bath. Brienne asks her about the Darklyns, and the woman tells Brienne that the lordly Darklyns are all gone.

After her bath Brienne walks to the Dun Fort to speak to the lord. Since Lord Rykker is in the field, she meets with the castellan Ser Rufus Leek and a maester, who tells her that many have come before her asking if Dontos Hollard and Sansa Stark had come to Duskendale.

Returning to the Seven Swords common room for dinner, Brienne meets a pious dwarf, who tells her that he overheard a man called Nimble Dick in Maidenpool at the Stinking Goose bragging that he had "fooled a fool" seeking passage for three across the narrow Sea. By the time the common room empties most of the talk turns to the recent death of Lord Tywin Lannister and who will rule until Tommen comes of age. When the inkeep spits into the fire at the mention of the oathbreaker Jaime Lannister ruling Brienne gets up and leaves.

The next day, the captain's sister finds Brienne in the inn's common room and delivers the repainted shield. After that Brienne departs the Seven Swords and heads to Maidenpool in search of Nimble Dick.[1]


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