House Justman

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House Justman
House Justman.svg
Coat of arms Golden scales on white, a double tressure blue
(Argent, a pair of balances or within a double-tressure azure)
Head Extinct
Region Riverlands
Title King of the Trident
Founder Benedict I Justman
Founded After the coming of the Andals

House Justman was a noble house from the riverlands who ruled as Kings of the Trident (or Kings of the Rivers and the Hills). According to semi-canon sources they blazoned their arms with golden scales on white, a double tressure blue.[1]


House Justman was founded after the Andal invasion by Benedict Rivers, a bastard from Houses Blackwood and Bracken. Over a period of thirty years Benedict managed to defeat the petty kings of the Trident, after which he crowned himself. As he was a wise king who came to be known as Benedict the Just, his house became known as House Justman. King Benedict I Justman extended his domains to Maidenpool and the Neck, while his son Benedict II acquired Duskendale, Rosby, and the mouth of the Blackwater Rush.[2]

The Justmans ruled for almost three hundred years, but King Bernarr II was the last of the line. Qhored Hoare, the King of the Iron Islands, murdered Bernarr's sons in the Guest Keep of Pyke, known afterward as the Bloody Keep.[3] Bernarr's campaign against the ironborn was hopeless, and the riverlands fell into anarchy for a century after the fall of the Justmans.[2]

After the Storm King Arlan III Durrandon conquered the riverlands, various pretenders unsuccessfully claimed to be river kings. One such was Lucifer Justman, although his lineage with the Justmans is unconfirmed.[2]

Historical Members


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