Benedict I Justman

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Benedict I Justman
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King Benedict of House Justman, by Magali Villeneuve, as depicted in The World of Ice & Fire
Biographical Information
Full Name Benedict I Justman
Alias Benedict Rivers
Benedict the Bold
Benedict the Just
Other Titles Ser
King of the Trident
Culture rivermen
Royal House House Justman
Heir Benedict II Justman
Successor Benedict II Justman
Issue Benedict II Justman
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Benedict I Justman, born Benedict Rivers and known as Benedict the Bold and Benedict the Just, was a King of the Trident and the founder of House Justman.[1]


Benedict was considered stern but wise.[1]


A bastard from Houses Blackwood and Bracken, Benedict Rivers was despised as a boy. He became a great knight, however, and his prowess earned him the support of his parents' families and then other riverlords. Benedict was able to defeat all petty kings in the riverlands over more than thirty years, after which he allowed himself to be crowned.[1]

As king, Benedict the Bold became known as Benedict the Just, which led to him naming his family House Justman. During his twenty-three-year reign, Benedict I expanded east to Maidenpool and north to the Neck. He was succeeded by his son, King Benedict II Justman.[1]


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