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House Mudd of Oldstones
House Mudd.svg
Coat of arms A golden crown studded with emeralds on a red-brown field
(Brunâtre, an ancient crown or studded with emeralds proper)
Seat Oldstones
Head Extinct
Region Riverlands
Title King of the Rivers and the Hills

House Mudd of Oldstones was a noble house from the riverlands. Their castle was at Oldstones although in their time it had a different name.[1] According to semi-canon sources, they blazoned their shield with a golden crown studded with emeralds on a red-brown field.[2]


The Mudds once ruled as Kings of the Rivers and the Hills from a castle along the Blue Fork whose ruins are now called Oldstones. They were the last of the First Men to rule the Trident, reigning for "a thousand years".[1][N 1] The Mudds, the most powerful and expansive of the First Men river king dynasties,[3] claimed land as far south as the mouth of the Blackwater Rush.[4][5]

Tristan Mudd is considered one of the worst Lord Commanders of the Night's Watch.[6]

Tristifer IV Mudd was a great First Men king who was victorious in ninety-nine of his one hundred battles. His allies included Edmure Tully and his sons.[7] When seven Andal kings, including Armistead Vance, banded against Tristifer, he lost his final battle and died in the fighting. Tristifer V was not the equal of his father and the kingdom was destroyed during the coming of the Andals to the riverlands.[8][1] The Andal victors then fought amongst themselves over the riverlands.[3]

Marq Mudd, known as the Mad Bard, was a would-be king who unsuccessfully rebelled against House Durrandon when the Storm Kings ruled the riverlands. His authenticity as a Mudd is unconfirmed.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Young John Mudd and Lorimas Mudd are members of the Golden Company in Essos.[9] It is unknown if they actually descend from the ancient House Mudd, as men of the free companies can take any name they want.[10]

House Mudd at the end of third century

The known Mudds during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

Historical Members


  1. Catelyn Stark recalls that "With Tristifer the Fifth died House Mudd, that had ruled the riverlands for a thousand years before the Andals came" (A Storm of Swords, Catelyn V). It is unknown if this is an exact figure or if George R. R. Martin is being figurative.